Martha Ballard's Diary, November 8 - 14, 1796

8 3
Cloudy. I have been Doing house work & kniting; been at home. Polly makeing the Bed Blanketts. mr Ballard writeing. at home.  
9 4
Cloudy. I have knitt 60 purls on mr Ballards Legin. he went to mr Savages and had his hors Shod, Cyrus to work here. Polly Did ye house work. Capt Deans Vesel went past here at 10h Evng going up to the fort. at home.  
10 5
Clear and pleast. I have Done a large wash this Day and knitt 30 purls at Evn. mr Baker of Sharon Dind here. mr Ballard been to Son Jonas, his Childn are more Comfortable than they were. at home.  
11 6
Clear part of the day. I have been kniting and Did Some washing. mr Ballard went to mr Shepards. mr Tibbits of Sharon & mr Bond were here. Cyrus went up Street, Polly has the tooth aick. at home. finisht kniting A Pair of Buskins for mr Ballard.  
12 7
Clear and pleast. mr Ballard went to Winthrop, he brot home 3 Cheeses which he Bot of mr Joel White, and Two pots of butter which he bot of mr Saml Cumings. he brot in to our house last Evn, which he purchased at the hook, 2 quarters Lamb & 28 lb of Cod fish. I began to futt a Stockin for mr Ballard this afternoon. at home. am Some unwell with a Cold.  
13 B
Clear and pleast. mr Ballard & Cyrus attended worship, Polly and my Self have Colds and did not. mr Lambt & wife and the Babe here after meeting. mrss Rice Sent for me to See her, Shee being very ill. mr Ballard Conducted me there. I gave her Melleot Tea which brot on perspiration ang gave releaf and I returnd. Calld to See Son Pollards Childn who are unwell. at mr Rices. Son & Dagt Lambarthere.  
14 2
Clear and very Pleast. revd mr Stone Calld on us and Dind. Pally Easty Came and restord 11/2 of in part for of the money Shee took from us. Shee allso left a mustin gown for to Secure me till Shee restores the rest. I went this aftern to See mrss Rice and find her more Comfortable, Dagt Pollards Childn are better allso. at [Elijah] Hinklys.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.