Martha Ballard's Diary, October 7 - 14, 1796

7 6
Clear. I have been Coming flax, 6 lb _. mrs Savage & Dagt Ballard Dind & took Tea here. I knitt on a Buskin aftern. at home. mrs Savage & Dagt Ballard here.  
8 7
Clear. I have been at home, Combd flax. Son Ephm Sleeps here. at home.  
9 B
Clear and pleast. Cyrus & all the Girls attended at the fort. Heman Robins & EbenZ Moore here after meeting. I have been at home. Ephm Came and Dind with me and returnd home. at home. Robbins & Moore here.  
10 2
Clear. I have been Combing flax, finisht what I have of last years groth, had 24 lb Tear. Cyrus and EbenZ finisht husking our Corn. Cyrus went & got 1 Bushl wheat ground. he informd me that Capt Tobey had a Child lately Deceast. mr Child here, wishes me to go and See his wife who is unwell. Bror EbenZ here. at home.  
11 3
Clear. I went to See mrss Child. mrss Dingley went to Son Pollards with me. I Calld at mr Hamlins to See his Dady who lately left Oxford. my friends are well there, he informs yt John Wolcott Cutt his own Throat just before he left there. at mr Childs & other friends.  
12 4
Clear. Polly Wall wint to Son Pollards to help her, young mrss Hamlin Came here and Dind with me. I have been at home all Day. I have been at home.  
13 5
Birth John Chamberlins Son.
Clear, a Cool morn. I was Calld at 3h morn to go to John Chamberlins. I was attended by Saml Jackson, arivd at 7h. my Patients illness Came on rapidly 6h pm and Shee was Deld at about 7 of a fine Son. I tarried all night. Josiah Norcross Infant interd this Day. at John Chamberlins. Birth 48th. mr Ballard returnd [home] from his [    ] this Day.  
14 6
Clear and very warm. I returnd home, find that mr Ballard Came home yesterday and Blessed be the Auther of all our mercys, he apears to be in Tolerable good health. may we Seulably notis the favour. the girls [     ]. at Ditoes & John [ T       H Keefer    and Dind here ].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.