Martha Ballard's Diary, September 25 - 30, 1796

25 B
Clear. Cyrus, Ebenz, & Patty attinded public worship foren. I went my Self aftern. Doct Cony Calld to See me this morn, he informd me that mr Waids infant Dagt Expired ys morn. its Death was Causd by the hooping Cough which brot on fitts. I Calld at Son Lambarts after meeting, Cyrus allso. we took Tea with them. mr Savage informd me that mr Ballard was unbe unwell when he arivd at the uper Settlement. God grant the restoration of health to him if yet wanting and return him & his assistants in Safety to their respective homes. at meeting & at Son Lambarts. Death of mr Waids infant AE 31 Days.  
26 2
Clear, the wind Northerd. I attended Funeral of mr Waids infant. I Calld at mr Densmores as I went, at mr Dingleys as I returnd. mrs Thwing and her Sister Nancy Kidder, mrss Dingley, Heartford and mrs Nancy Hilton took Tea with me. at the funeral of mrs Waids inft. mrs Foster is unwell. mrs Thwing here.  
27 3
Clear part of the Day. A man from new Sharron took Breakfast here. mrss Dingley & Nancy & mrss N Hilton here. mrss Grow here aftern, took Tea. Ebenz returnd from monmoth. I have been picking wool, Pally allso. at home. mrs Grow here.  
28 4
raind the most of the Day. Cyrus Sett out this morn, went to Varsalboro and Conducted Rebeckah Robbins & Patty Moore here. they are Come to Spin for me, we finisht picking my wool. I have been at home. at home. Becky Robbins & Pally Moore Came to work for me.  
29 5
rain foren. the Girls washt & began to Spin my wool. Pally Bakt Some pies. Cyrus went to mrss Pages for Some apples. I went to mr Dingleys to See mrss Stackpl. Ephm Sleeps here. at mr Dingleys.  
30 6
Clear. I went to mr Dingleys to See mrss Stackpole who Sett out home attended by mr Goodin. Son and Dagt Ballard & Lambt & wife & mrs [D ]. at Ditoes. mrs Stackpl [            ].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.