Martha Ballard's Diary, September 12 - 16, 1796

12 2
X. Birth Phillip Norcross Son. XX.
Cloudy and Some rain. I was Calld at 2h morn to See the wife of mr Phillip Norcross, found her very ill. Shee was Safe Deld at 3h of her Second Son and 7th Child. I receivd 9/ as a reward and returnd home, went to bed and Slept. mr Dingly Calld here. Ebenz went to Pittstn aftern. Cyrus went to mr Brookss, bot 2 Stone potts for to put Butter in; they cost 3/6 each - 7/6. at [Phillip Norcross]. Birth 44th. receivd 9/ as a [reward].  
13 3
Clear and warm. I have been at home. we Bakt and Churnd mr Porter and wife & mrs Foster Dind here and the wife of Wm Pitt took Tea. Sarah Densmore & Ruth Rockwood here at Evng. at home. mr [Cleark] & [Wesson here].  
14 4
X. Birth mr Wests Son & 2nd Child. XX.
Cloudy and Some rain. I was Calld at 11h morn to See the wife of mr West, who is in Labour. Shee was Safe Deld at 1 pm of a fine Son. I left her at 3, receivd 9/. mother & inft were Cleverly. I was Calld to Tim Pages. very [rainy]. at mr Wests. Birth 45th. receivd 9/  
15 5
X. Birth Jimy Pages Son. XX.
Cloudy and Some rain till noon. mrs Page was Deld about 5h morn of a Son, her first Born. I left her and infant Cleverly and arivd at home at noon, acompanied by Old mr Page. Son Jona here. Old Lady Hamlin, mrss Burtun, mrss Dingly, Ruth Rockwood & two of her Brothers took Tea with me. at [mr Pages. receivd 12/. Birth 46th].  
16 6
Clear. I have been to Son Lambarts. mrs Gill & Dagt Pollard there. Capt Stackpols Lady Sleps here. at Son Lambarts. mrs [      ] here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.