Martha Ballard's Diary, September 6 - 11, 1796

6 3
Clear and Pleasant. I am here alone Except EbenZ, he has been Cuting Stalks. I have Done my house work and put up gardin Seeds. at home.  
7 4
Clear and very pleasant. my Dagt Lambart Came here this aftern, her Husband Came at Evn and waited on her home. Eph returnd our hors and Sleeps here. Ebenz been to training half the Day. I paid Ebenz two Dollars. at home. Dagt Lambt here. Ephm Sleeps here.  
8 5
Clear and warm. I have Done my house work and ironing. mr Pitts and wife, Son Ephm & Polly Wall Sleep here. EbenZ been giting Stalls into the barn. at home. Shubal Pitts & wife here. Dolly Wall Came here.  
9 6
X. Birth Robirt Abbots Dagt. XX.
Cloudy. mrss Paten Dind here. I went to Lecter aftern, A mr Bowers performd. I Calld at mr Pollards and Son Lambarts. mrss Duttun wrode my hors home. I wrode home afterwards. mrs Abbot Deld at 3h morn of a Dagt. at Lecter, mr Bowers Performd. Birth 43d.receivd 9/ as a reward.  
10 7
Clear. I have been gathering Seeds & herbs and Cleand my Sellar. Cyrus came home at Evn. at home.  
11 B
Clear and very Pleast. I attended public worship. the Ordinance of ye Super administred. mr Robert Fletcher were admited to full Communian and their Children were Baptised; the first by the name of Anna; 2, Mary; 3, Susanna; 4, Zeruah. they behaved with great decency, may their tender minds be inprest with their Duty as they mature. mr & mrss Dingly returnd from Boston. I went there but found they were gone to mr Livermors, So Returnd without Seeing them. at Meeting. mr Robart Fletcher & wife were taken into full Communion with the Church and their Childn Baptised. my Son Cyrus is 40 years old this Day.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.