Martha Ballard's Diary, July 27 - 31, 1796

27 4
X. Birth Moses Whites Dagt. XX.
Clear and very warm. Son Jonas wife Came here. I houghd Cabages, gatherd beens and went to mr Moses Whites wife who was in Labour, and was Dild of a Dagt at 10h Evn. I tarried all night. at mr Moses Whites. Birth 38th. receivd9/ as a reward.  
28 5
Clear & warm. I returnd home. mrs Dingley Came here. I Cut herbs to Dry, houghd french turnips, then went to See my Dagt Lambart, find her very Comfortable. Dagt Pollard & Childn & mrs Carter there to Tea. mrs Carter bestowd 18/3_ for my assisting her in travil June 5th. at Ditoes and Son Lambarts. Shubal Pitts & Sally Cocks were Joind in Marriage ys Day.  
29 6
Clear and very warm. I helpt about house forn, had a very Dull turn the middle of the Day. Esqr Cony here ys morn. I went to See mrs Dingly a little before night. mr Ballard went and took Tea. we went on Board the Schoner. Pally went to Son Pollards, finds her my Dagt not very will. Dagt Lambart is very Comfortable. at mr Dingleys. Pally to Son Pollards & Lambarts.  
30 7
Cloudy and Some rain. I was Calld at 10h morn to See mrss Baly who is in Labour. her women were Calld near night. I have been Exercisd with a gripeing pain. at mr Balys in the North Parrish.  
31 B
X. Birth mr Balys Son. XX.
Clear and warm Day. mrs Baly was Deld of a Son (her Second Child) at 2h morn. I took a nap of Sleep. Sett out for home at 5. Calld at Son Jonas, all well there; at Son Lambarts, they are Cleverly. mrs Cowen Calld here, my little Grand Sons Sleep with us. at Ditoes. Birth 39th. receivd 9/ as a reward.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.