Martha Ballard's Diary, July 16 - 22, 1796

16 7
a Shoury Day. I have been at home. Son and Dagt Town Came here, Sleep here. I do not feel very well. our men all went to hear Coart. at home. Son & Dagt Town here.  
17 B
Clear and very warm. Son Town went to meeting, and our men allso. my Dagt & I tarried at home. they went to mr Lambarts at Evn. at home.  
18 2
Clear the most of ye Day. I have been at home. Phillip Came hire to plan, their Survey. Judy Heuston & Betsy Page here. mr Ballard at Coart. Cyrus & Ebenz taking Care of hay, they got in all yt was mowed before this day. at home.  
19 3
Clear. I have been at home. mr Ballard at Coart. Son and Dagt Town went home. we had a Shower aftern. at home. Son & Dagt Town went home.  
20 4
Clear. I did my work foren, went to Son Lambarts aftn, find my Dagt unwell, tarried all night. at Son Lambarts.  
21 5
Clear. at Ditoes. Sally Cocks went from there, I went to Son Pollards aftern, tarried at Son Lambts all night. my Dagt very unwell ys night. at Ditoes & at Son Pollards. Patty Easty Came here aftern to work for me.  
22 6
X. Birth Son Lambts Son & first Born. XX.
Clear and very warm. Dagt Lambt had her women Calld this foren, and was Deld of a Son at 6h pm. Shee was very ill but thro the great goodness of God, Shee and inft are alive and as Comfortable as Can be Expected. I am with her this night, Dagt Ballard allso. at Son Lambarts. Birth 36th. ["UncleAllen, July 22/96" written here; does not appear to be in Mrs.Ballard's writing.]  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.