Martha Ballard's Diary, July 3 - 6, 1796

3 B
X. Birth Ephm Burges Son. XX.
Clear and Comfortable. I was Calld at 8h morn to See the wife of Ephm Burges who was in Labour and was Safe Deld of a fine Son at 10. I left her Cleverly. at Ephm Burgess foren, at meeting aftern and at mr Crags. Birth 33d. I Came home from mr Burgess at 3h pm, then walkt to meeting. the remains of Rhuth Lee were Deposeted in the house of worship and after Service were Conducted to the Burying ground of the Honb Daneil Cony, and there interd. mr Crage Calld me to See his little Son who is unwell. I Calld to See Dagt Lambart, Shee is some unwell. at mr Crages & Son Lambarts.  
4 2
Clear. I Sett out aftern to go and See Dagt Lambart, was mett by mr Kitrick who wisht me to go and See his wife. I went and tarried all night, my Patient Some unwell. I went to bed and Slept very well. at mr Kitridges.  
5 3
Clear and very warm. Son Lambart Calld me from mr Kitridges to See my Dagt. I tarried there till aftern, then went home. returnd and Came home again. left my Dagt more Comfortable. mrss Burtun and her Son James Slept here. at Ditoes & Son Lambarts. mrss Hamlin here and mrss Burtun Sleeps here.  
6 4
X. Birth James Hinkly Junr Dagt. XX.
Clear and warm. I rose and hoed Some before my Door, was Calld by James Hinkley Junr to go to new france. I went. his wife was Deld of a fine Dagt between 12 and 1 O Clok aftern, and I returnd. then went to Son Lambarts. Son Jon a and wife & Dagt Pollard there. mrs Capin & Sally Webber were here while I was absent. at James Hinkleys at new france. Birth34th. receivd [8/7]. mr Burtuns Vesil was launchd20 m before I came home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.