Martha Ballard's Diary, May 11 - 16, 1796

11 4
rainy. I was at mr Cowens. the remains of mr Peter Jones were interd. I had a great wish to have attended but was in providince prevented. the remains of P. Jones interd. at mr Cowens, his wife unwell.  
12 5
rainy. I was Calld from mr Cowens to See mrs Allin, find her very unwell, returnd at 1h pm, find my Patient not So well as I left her; there I remain. at Ditoes and at mr Allins.  
13 6
The Sun Shone part of the Day. mrs Gordin was quilting a bed quilt, I helpt all Day. mrs Cowen was very unwell. at mr Cowens.  
14 7
X. Birth Ephm Cowins 3d Dagt and 4th Child. XX.
Cloudy. I was at mr Cowens, his wife was in Labour all Day. mrs Savage and Swanton went to See the Ship Monlezumaum Launcht. we had 11 Children there thro the Day. Shee Calld the Day Calld [sic] her women at Evn and was Safe Dild at 11h Evn of a fine Dagt. I tarried thro the night, my Patients Cleverly. at Ditoes. Birth 23d. April 1799 Ephm Cowen Credt by Sping 19 Skeins of Lining yarn what was my Due was 9/.  
15 B
rainy. I left mrs Cowen and her infant Cleverly at 7h morn and arivd about nine at my own habitation, find my family all well. Son Ephm here and Son Jonas Sons here. Cyrus and Ebenz went to meeting. Cyrus Conducted my Grand Sons home afterwards. at Ditoes.  
16 2
Clear and pleasant. I went to See mrs Waid and Foster. Calld to See Mary Densmore, Shee is very low. I went to mrs Leaches and paid Sarah Neal 6/ which was 1/7_ more than I owd her for Spining. Sarah went to Capt Blunts to liv. at mr Waids and other Neighbours.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.