Martha Ballard's Diary, April 7 - 13, 1796

7 5
X. Birth Wilm Chamberlins Son. XX.
Clear. mrs Chamberlin was Deld at 3h morn of a Son, her first Child, and is Cleverly. I was Calld to mr James Catons at 10, his wife is not very well. at Ditoes. Birth 16th. receivd 6/.  
8 6
Cloudy. mrs Caton and I went to Saml Clearks after nn. at mr Catons and Clearks.  
9 7
Cloudy, rain, haill & Snow. mrs Caton washt and was unwell after wards. mr Simeon Clearks wife and her Son Samls wife Came there to See us. at mr Catons, mrss Cleark there.  
10 B
Snowd all Day. mrs Caton Calld her women and was very unwell all night. at mr Catons.  
11 2
Cloudy. at mr Catons yet. his wife is not fitt to be left. he went to the river. Shee wisht to Drink wine and Eat Bisquit, he procured it and Shee Drank Eleven Glasses this Day, and Eat Bisquit and wine at Evng 3 times. at mr Catons. I finisht kniting my yarn,have knit 1 pair hoes Since I left home.  
12 3
X. Birth James Catons Son & Dagt. XX.
Clear. mrs Caton has been ill and was Deld of a Son at 2h 30m pm, and of a Dagt at 3h pm. I tarried all night, have had but little Sleep this three nights. mr Simeon Clearks wife watcht. I Could not Sleep for flees. at mr Catons. Birth 17th & 18th. receivd 12/ as a reward.  
13 4
Clear. I returnd home attended by John Chamberlin. Calld at Son Jonas, his wife is very unwell; at Peter Joness and Son Lambarts, they are well. find my famely well on my return. Nabby has made my Soap Since I left home. I found 80 flees on my Cloaths after I Came home, which I brot from mr Catons. at Ditoes and others.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.