Martha Ballard's Diary, March 18 - 22, 1796

18 6
Clear morn, Cloudy & Cold aftern. mr Wall Came here for his Dagt, his Dagt Polly is very Sick. I have been at home, mended my Cloaks and doubled yarn. I paid Hannah Wall for her Service here. at home. Hannah Wall went home, her Sister is very Sick.  
19 7
Cloudy. mr Wall Came here for Camphir for his Dagt who is no better. I have been at home, made 23 Dozn Candles. mr Ballard went to the hook aflern, Cyrus to his Bror Lambts, brot me a Box for Candles, a prest from Son Lambart. my Dear Son Ephm Came home with him. at home. made Candles. Ephm Sleeps here.  
20 B
X. Birth mrs Welches Dagt. XX. I recd May 3, 1799 by weaving 14 & _ yds all wool Cloath.
Clear and Cold. mr Ballard and Cyrus went to meeting at the fort, Nabby to the hook. thee remains of the widdow Petingail were interd at 5h pm. I was Calld by mr Garish to See mrs Welch who was in Labour. Shee was Deld at 7h Evn of a Dagt which Shee declared Said Garish was the father of. I left her as well as Could be expected and returnd home at 10, find mr Allin of Monmoth here. at mrs Welches. Birth 13th. Funeral of the widdow Petingl
21 2
Cloudy, Cold morn. mr Ballard and Cyrus gone to Town meeting. I paid Nabby Jewel 6/. Sally Andrus Came here, tarried all night. I have mended a waist coat & Breaches for mr Ballard. Stephen Hinkly paid me 7/6 for attending his wife Jany 18. at home. Nabbys Cousin Sally Andous Came here.  
22 3
X. Birth James Kenneys Son. XX.
Cloudy. Nabby went to the hook with her Cousin. I washt my kitchen, was Calld at 9h 30m Evn to See the wife of James Kenny who was in Labour, and was Deld of a Son at 11h 30m Evng. I left my patients Cleverly and returnd home at 3h morn. mr Kenny gave me 6/7 for my Service. at James Kenneys. Birth 14th.receivd 6/7.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.