Martha Ballard's Diary, January 25 - 30, 1796

25 2
Snowd. I have been at home, very unwell, but under nesesaly of doin my hous work. mr Ballard, Son Ephm and mr Kenadys 2 Sons went to the meddow. I went to bed Early and had a Sick night. at home very unwell.  
26 3
Snowd. I am very Sick, but under nesesaty of geting breakfast for mr Ballard and Cyrus. God grant I may have Some one to assist me in my business. Cyrus went to the hook and brot Nabby Jewell here to work for me. at home. Nabby Jewell Came to work here.  
27 4
Clear and very Cold. Nabby and I have made Chicken, minc, apple and Pumpkin pies. Bulah Calld here, we made Some flower Bread allso. mr Ballard been to ye hook & Fort. at home.  
28 5
Clear. my Childn, by our mariage and affinnity, all Sat at the Same table and Dind, God only knows whether it may be the last time. Son and Dagt Town Sleept here. my other Childn returnd to their own habitations. the Father of mercy bless and prosper them in the way he has Directed as their Duty. at home. my Dear Childn all here. God Bliss them all is my prayr
29 6
Clear and very Cold. mr Town went to Dresden. Son Jon a Came here for Dagt Town to go to Son Pollards. we washt. at home.  
30 7
Clear and very Cold. mr Chambers Came here with Corn for mr Ballard. I was Calld in hast at 1h pm to go to See my Dagt Lambart who was Exercised with very Severe pains. Dagts Town & Pollard there. we made use of means which gave relief and I returnd home. at mr Lambarts. my Dagt very unwell.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.