Martha Ballard's Diary, January 18 - 24, 1796

18 2
X. Birth Stephen Hinklys Son. X. Birth Wilm Moores Son. XX.
Clear and pleasant. I was Calld from mrs Moore to Steven Hinkleys wife at 10h morn, Shee was Deld at 11 of a Son. I part Drest the infant and was Calld to return to mrs Moore, find her more unwell. Shee was Deld at 4h 30m of a Son. the Childn were the first Born of their momys. I returnd home at 8h Evng. Bror Ebenzr Moore Sleeps here. I made Bids, washt Dishes, Swept house and got Supper. I feel Some fatagud. at mr Clearks & Stepn Hinkleys. Births 5th and 6th. receivd of Wm Moore 7/10_ as a reward.  
19 3
Clear and Cold. mr Ballard up to Coart. I have been at home, do not feel So well as I Could wish, but have Done my work about house and washt my floores. Sally Cocks here, going to attend at the interment of her Sister Pages infant. mrs Eads Deld of a dead inft yesterDy. at home. Funeral of Jimy Pages infant Son.  
20 4
Cloudy morn, Snowd aflen. mr Ballard is gone to ye fort or Coart. I have been at home. Phillip went home. at home.  
21 5
Clear and Cold aftern, Snowd foren. mr Ballard went to the hook. Cyrus went and brot Patty Easty here, Shee brot Rhoda with her. I have been at home, Done my hous work & mended hoes. at home.  
22 6
Clear and very Cold. I have been at home. Son and Dagt Town Came here, their famely well. at home.  
23 7
Clear and Cold. Sons Pollard and Lambart with their wives, and Son Ephrm, and Son Town & Dagt here. my Dagts Spent the Day. I have been at home. Pally Easty helpt me do my work. at home. my Childn here to See us.  
24 D
X. Birth Capt Moses Springers Son. XX.
Clear and pleast. I feel very unwell, but was Calld Directly aft Breakfast to See the wife of Capt Moses Springer who is in Labour, and was Safe Deld at 3h 30m pm of her Second Child and Son. after we had taken Tea I receivd 7/6 and returnd home. at Capt Moses Springerss.Birth 7th. receivd 7/6 as a reward.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.