Martha Ballard's Diary, January 1 - 5, 1796

1 6
Clear and Pleasant. I washt and washt my kitchin, was Calld at 9h Evn to See the wife of Capt Moses Springer who is not So well as Shee Could wish. her husband is gone, a trip to Boston. I tarried there all night, Slept Some after 1 o Clock. at Capt Moses Springers. mr Swetlands Child Expird.  
2 7
Cloudy. I was at Capt Springers ys Day, his Lady is more Comfortable. I began to knitt me a pair of Socks. at Ditoes.  
3 D
X. Birth Eliab Shaws Son, Dead Born. XX.
rainy aftern. I returnd from Capt Springers, left her about house. Shee made me a present of 1/2 lb Souchang Tea. I Came home at 11h. Bakt and Cleand my hous and Did other matters, was Calld at 7h Evn to See the wife of Eliab Shaw who was very ill when I arivd, and was Deld at 9 of a Dead Son. it appeard to have been Dead for Some time, the Skin all most Came off. the mother is Comfortable as Can be Expected. at Ditoes and at Eliab Shaws. Birth 1st for ye year. recd 6/ of Dickmn in Snuffon Shaws acount.  
4 2
Clear and remarkble pleasant. I returnd home Early this morn, was Calld in at mr kimballs to See a Sick Child, it has the rash and Canker. I took Breakfast at Son Pollards, they are well. Calld at mr Lambarts, all well there; at mr Densmores, Polly is more Comfortable than when I Saw her last, tho feeble yet. at Ditoes and other Neigrs.  
5 3
Clear and very pleasant. mr Ballard and Bullin Surveying for mr Bridg. Cyrus went to Winthrop, Carried 21 yd s all wool Cloath to mr Allen, to Dress for mens Cloaths. I have Done my house work & washt ye west room. Sally Cocks was here, informs me her Sister Pages infant is very Sick. at home. Sally Cocks here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.