Martha Ballard's Diary, December 20 - 26, 1795

20 D
X. Birth mr Gows Dagt. XX.
Clear and pleasant. mr Ballard, Cyrus and Bullin went to meeting, were informd that ye remains of Elisha Bisbe were interd. I Was Calld at 6h Evn to See mrs Gow. Shee was Deld at 8 of a Dagt, her Second Child. I returnd home at 15m morn 22, receivd 7/6. at mr Gows. Birth 47th. Elisha BisbesFuneral.  
21 2
Clear. I have Done my house work, was Calld to See the wife of Roland Smith at 8h Evn. at Roland Smiths.  
22 3
X. Birth Roland Smiths Son. XX.
Clear. mrs Smith was Deld of a Son, her Second Child, at 1h m. I tarried till morn, left my Patient Cleverly and returnd home. receivd 18/ as a reward. I Did my house work. mr Ballard is Surveying at the hook. mr Savage Came here and Shod our Oxen. mrs Page here. at Ditoes. Birth 48th
23 4
Clear Day, Snowd at Evn. mr Ballard gone to Sidney to Survey. Hains Learned Sleeps here, brot me Letters from Doct Barton and Bror Collins. I Sett out to go to Wm Blanchards at 11h Evn, had one fall on ye way. at wm Blanchards. mr Hains Learned Sleeps here, brot Letters from Oxford.  
24 5
Clear. I was at Blanchards, her Mother there. I feel much falagud. at Dittoes.  
25 6
Clear. I was at mr Blanchards, feel much more Comfortable, his wife is allso weller. at Ditoes.  
26 7
X. Birth Wm Blanchards Dagt. XX.
Cloudy and Snowd all Day. mrs Blanchard had her women Calld and was Deld at 11h Evn of a Dagt, her first born. Shee was very ill. I was Calld to See Joseph Browns wife immediately after I put mrs Blanchard to bed. wrode on hors back with out any Saddle accompanied by mr Atkins and Browns Son. at Ditoes & Jos Browns. Birth 49th. I receivd 8/1 for my Service at mr Blanchards.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.