Martha Ballard's Diary, December 15 - 19, 1795

15 3
X. Birth Jery Dumers Dagt. XX.
Clear and Cool. I was Calld to Jeremy Dumers to See his wife at 10h morn. Shee was Deld at 6h Evn of a Dagt. I tarried all night, Sett with my patient. Shee is Cleverly. Sarah Neall went from here ys morn. I paid her 3/ in Cash. Shee has Done 4 weaks work for me Since I Setled with her. at Jery Dumers. Birth 46th. I receivd 12/ for my Service.  
16 4
Clear and Cool. I returnd home at 9h morn, left my Patient Cleverly. I feel Some fatagud, took a little Sleep and feel better. I ironed my fine Linning aftern. at mr Dumers.  
17 5
Clear and Cool. mr Ballard and P. Bullin Surveying for mr Woodward. Cyrus Drest flax. I have Made 11 Dozn of Candles & wound 8 Skeins of hoes yarn on Balls for Doubeling. at home. thee ice Stopt in ye river by our house.  
18 6
Clear and Cool. mr Gow here this morn. Desired me to go and See his wife, Shee being unwell. I went aftern, find her better. I Calld to See mrs Gillman, find her unwell; at Capt Molloys, he is absent, his wife is well; at Roland Smiths, all well; mrs Dumer is Cleverly. I find Sarah Neall here when I Came home. at mr Gows and other Neigrs at ye hook. Elisha Bisbe Expired ys night.  
19 7
Clear and not very Cold. I have Combd 6_ lb flax. I paid Elisa Taylor 6/ for what work Shee has Done for me and Dismist her, and Shee went away about 2h pm. this Day is the Aneversary of my marriage 41 years Since. I am determind not to pay Girls any more for ill manners. at home. Elisabath Taylor I paid and Desmist.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.