Martha Ballard's Diary, December 2 - 14, 1795

2 4
rainy. mrs Leach here Breaking wool. I have Done my hous work and knit Some. mr Ballard makeing plans. at home.  
3 5
Clear. I have been at home, washt Some Cloaths. Esqr Wesson Dind, Supt and Slept with us. Cyrus wint to pitts tn, mr Ballard to ye fort. at home Esqr Wesson here. 
4 6
Clear and Cool or windy. mr Ballard Sett out for Sidny, Esqr Wesson for his home. a mr Some body Breakfasted here. at home.  
5 7
Clear. I have been at home Doing house work. mr Ballard to the fort & hook. Cyrus and Ephm finisht makeing a pen or Stee and put our Swine into it. at home.  
6 D
Clear. I was at home all Day. mr Ballard and Cyrus to meeting. Son and Dagt Lambart Came here at Evng, tarrie all night. at home. Son and Dagt Lambt Sleep here.  
7 2
Clear morn. my Childn went home. Ephraim went and Conducted Elisabeth Taylor here to work for me. Cyrus began to Break our flax. mr Ballard Surveyd for Saml Norcross and Pland. I was informd this day that Wilm Pette was Drownd not long Since. at home. Elisabath Taytor Came to work for me.  
8 3
a very rainy Day. Ephm went to his Brother Lambarts to learn the Joiners art, if he Should like and Continue, may God be pleasd to bless and prosper him. I have been at home all day. at home. Ephm went to liv with mr Lambart. 
9 4
Cleard of in ye foren, Cloudy at Evn and very moderate. I have been at home. Cyrus went to mr Childss and brot me a pair of new Slippers. mr Ballard has been makeing Plans. I made a Batch of Brown Bread. at home. I had a pair of new Shoes of mr Childss make.  
10 5
Cloudy. I have been washing. mr Benn Brown, his wife & Son Dind here. Capt Hersey here, paid his parrish Tax. mr Ballard been makeing plan. Cyrus went to Jon as, brot 3 lb of tallow. we have had 7 lb before, he brot three pecks apples from there allso; and 1 Bushel Onions from mr Hamlins as a present. at home. mr Benn Brown, hs wife, Son & Capt Hersey here.  
11 6
Clear. I have been washing Old Cloaths which ought to have been Done long ago. a gentmn by ye name of Shirtley here. I was Calld to mr Gills, his wife is not So well as Shee Could wish. I tarried all night. mr Ballard brot [80] lb of Beef home which he purchased of mr Daw. at mr Gills. mr Shirtley Sleept here.  
12 7
Clear. I returnd from mr Gills, his wife is more Comfortable. I Salted my Beef, mended Cloaths and did other matters. Sally Cocks Dind here and Susan Cowen took Tea. Cyrus went to mr Randals, bot 2 qts W I Spirrit, paid Cash 4/9. at Ditoes. Sally Cox, Susana Cowen here.  
13 D
Snowd ys morn, raind, moderate most of the day. mr Ballard and Cyrus went to meeting. Ephm Came home for his Cloaths, he Seems in hast to return. they are well at his Sisters. at home. Ephm was at home.  
14 2
Cloudy. I have been washing, mr Ballard makeing fence round ye Barn yard. Cyrus went to mr Lambarts. Phillip Bullin Came here at Evn with an intent to Learn ye art of Surveying. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.