Martha Ballard's Diary, November 3 - 8, 1795

3 3
Clear. my Dagt Pollard is Still very low tho not So much Exercised with pain as Shee was. I gave her Senna and it opperated twice with the assistance of Clisters. at Son Pollards. Hannah very weak yet.  
4 4
Clear. I am yet with my Dagt who remains very feeble. Shee has two fitt of the pain in her head Every Day; her infant is as well as we Could Expect. at my Son Pollards.  
5 5
Clear. I am Still with my Child who is no Great better. I was Calld at Evn to See mrs Pillsbury who has a Severe fitt of thee Collic. I returnd and gave my Dagtr three pills prepared of myrr, Alloes and a grain of Boarux. I was not undrest this night. my Dagt Slept Some. at Ditoes & mr Pilsburys
6 6
Clear. I was with my Dagt. Shee had a very Sick Day. her pills opperated 4 times. Shee was very much fatagud with the opperation but is more relievd by it than Shee has been by anything Shee has takin before. Shee had rest this night. at Son Pollards.  
7 7
Clear and very pleast. my Dagt Sett up 1/2 an hour foren and as much aftern, and was not faint. I Sent for Sally Cocks to Stay with her this night and Came home my Silf. I was in at my Son Lambarts a little while this aftern, they are in their own house. at Ditoes and Son Lambarts.  
8 G
Cloudy. I and all my famely were at Meeting aflern. I was with my Dagt Pollard foren. Shee Seems more Comfortable, was able to Sett at table and Dind. mr Capin had 2 Dagts Baptised & Jos Stackpole 1. Phillip Bullin Came here at Evn. Cyrus is here. at meeting & at Son Pollards & mr Hamlin.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.