Martha Ballard's Diary, October 28 - November 2, 1795

28 4
Clear. I have been with my Dear Child. the Doct Came to visit her, recommended more Senna. Shee has been very Sick thro this Day. I Sent for Sally Cocks, Shee Came and I was Calld to See the wife of Asa Blanchard who is Drawing near the hour of Labour, but was not Extreamly ill. at Son Pollards & Asa Blanchards . 
29 5
Clear and very pleast. I was at mr Blanchards, Shee is much as Shee was. I do feel anxcious for my Dagt Pollard. at mr Blanchards.  
30 6
Clear and very pleast. I had prepard my Self to go home this aftern, but my patient Seemd more unwell and I dare not leav her, but mr Blanchard was So kind as to go to my house and inquire after my Child. brot me word Shee was Some relievd which eased my mind Some. at Ditoes.  
31 7
Clear. I went to Old mr Blanchards, his wife and I went to mr John Norths, there was a young woman unwell there. my patient was very unwell all night. it Snowd and blew the latter part of the night. at Ditoes & at mr John Norths.  
1 D
Cloudy part of the Day, Snowd this morn. my patient is very unwell. we Calld Old mrss Blanchard and Wilm Whites wife in the Eveng. we had but little Sleep thro the night. at mr Blanchds. 
2 2
X. Birth Asa Blanchards Dagt. XX.
Clear. my patient was Delivd at 11h morn of a Dagt, her first born. I returnd home, left her and inft as well as Could be Expected and went to Son pollards, find my Dagt very Low. at Ditoes. Birth 41. receivd 9/ as fee and for medesins.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.