Martha Ballard's Diary, October 20 - 23, 1795

20 3
X. Birth of James Page Junrs Son. XX.
rainy. I was Calld at Day break from Son Pollards by James Page Junr to See his wife, find her illness was Coming on. I took a little Sleep there this foren. my Patient was Deld of a Son, her first Born, at 10h Evn. I took a nap by the fire after midnight. her women all tarried thro ye night. at Ditoes and James Pages. Birth 40th.I receivd 7/9d as reward.  
21 4
Clear. I left my Patienl Cleverly. Came to Son Pollards, find my Dagt Seting up and more Comfortable. I Came home, Drest and went to the meting house to See the ordination of mr Daniel Stone. all things were performd with great regutarity, my famely all attended. I went after Dineing to See mr Densmores Dagt Polly who I find very Sick. her Complaint is not much abated. Augustus Ballard Sleeps here this night & Son Cyrus allso. at Ditoes. Ordination of mr Daniel Stone over the first Church in Hallowell.  
22 5
Clear. we had a great frost this morn. I was Calld to See Polly Densmore foren, administred a Clister, went again at Sun Sett and tarried till 10h Evn; performd the opperation twice. Shee Seems a little Easier. mrss Capin, Gill & Dagt Lambart, Agustus Ballard & Son Cyrus Dind here. the Gentmn Came to Tea and waited on their wives home. at mr Densmors Twice this Day. we had Company.  
23 6
Cloudy, raind aftern. I went to mr Densmores aftern after Breakfast. Dolly is a little Easier. Doct Cony there. I went from there to Son Pollards. my Dagt has a Severe head aick. I gave her a Clister and wint to See mrs Savage, helpt her out of Bed and tarrid Some time. Shee is full of Complaints. I returnd, gave my Dagt another Clister and left her. Calld and performd the Same opperation for Polly Densmore and Came home at 8h Evn. at Son Pollards and other Sick famelies.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.