Martha Ballard's Diary, October 2 - 7, 1795

2 6
Clear. I went to the hook to See the Sick at mr Danies, Greelys, Dingleys & Sewalls. it is a very Sickly time there. I Came home at 2h pm, mrss Savage, Kennada, Leach & Burgin here. Deryas & Ephm returnd. Sary went home. at the hook. Sary got the web out, 26 yds. it is wollen  
3 7
Cloudy. I have been at home. Son Jon a & his wife and Dagt here. mrss Livermore here going to visit the Sick at the hook. at home. David Sewalls Child Expired.  
4 D
Clear foren. I went to meeting. mr Gillit Performd. I went to Son Lambarts at intermition, was Calld from there to Colo Sewalls; his Dagt Meriah Expired before I arivd. I tarried there. mrs Harris & I put on her Grave Cloaths. I tarried all night. at meeting & at Colo Sewalls. his Dagt Expired. Shee was Born May 11, 1792 at 6h pm.  
5 2
Cloudy. I Came from Colo Sewalls fore n. Calld at mr Parkers & and to See mrs Voce and Old Lady Howard, Crost the river, Calld at mr Burtuns, Son Lambarts, mr Gills. Came to Son Pollards at 1h pm. we quillted a Coat for her before we Slept. mrs Haywood, Hodges, Polly Pollard, Patty Easty and I assisted her. at Son Pollards & other Neigrs from Colo Sewalls.  
6 3
Cloudy and rain foren. I have been at Son Pollards Sewing for her. Dagt Lambart there. meriah Sewalls remains interd. Son Pollard returnd from wiscassett. I tarried all night. at Son Pollards, Colo & David Sewalls Childn interd.  
7 4
Cloudy. I went to See Dagt Lambt. thee mrss Capin, Gill & Abbott Came to Son Pollards aftern. I tarried all night. at Sons Pollard & Lambart.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.