Martha Ballard's Diary, September 26 - October 1, 1795

26 7
Clear. my Dagt part made her Bed quillt. I made Some Coats and Blankets. we went to Leut Cragens after noon. my Dagt was unwell in the night. at Ditoes and Leut Cragens.  
27 D
X. Birth Son Towns 7th Dagt. XX.
rainy part of the Day. my Dagt had her women Calld. Shee was not very ill till after 5h pm, was Delivd at 6 of a Dagt. it had an obstruction of breath at the Nostrils and Expird at 8h Evn. mr Dagt was Exercised with faintness, but revivd and Seemd Confortable after midnight, Slept Some. mrs Spring and Straten tarried all night. I took Sleep after 3h morn. at Son Towns. Birth 38th. the infant Expird at 8h Evng. mr Danies Dagt Expird aftern.  
28 2
rainy. mrs Spring and Strattne went home fore n, mrss Eunice Stakpoole Came to Nurs my Dagt. the infant was interd at 5h pm. my Dagt is as Comfortable as Can be Expected. revd mr Cushman attend at the house, made a prayer well adapted. at my Sons, the infant was interd at 5 pm.  
29 3
Cloudy morn. I left my Dagt at noone. Calld to See mrs Lithgow, Shee has got the mumps. we wrode as far as mr Daws when it began to rain, it abated and we Sett out again, wrode in the rain. I had a fall from my hors by mr Thomases but did not receivd much hurt. we arivd at our house at 6h, am informd of the Death of mr Danies infant Dagt. it Expird on last Lords day. at Ditoes and returnd home. Calld at Esqr Lethgows. Son Town Sleeps here.  
30 4
Clear and very pleast. Son Town left here. mr Ballard went to Saml Norcroses to Survey or do writeing. I have been at home, feel Some fatagud. Sally Cocks went to help Dagt Lambart Put feathers in to her Bed ticks. at home. Sally to Son Lambts. 
1 5
Clear. mr Ballard Sett out to Surveying. Deryus & Ephm went to Carrie him, his men & Bagage, to Dresden by water. I went to See my Dagts, they are well. mrss Capin had a Coat in ye fraim, I helpt her, Sally Cocks allso. mr Shuball Pitts Came home with her. at Sons Pollard & Lambarts.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.