Martha Ballard's Diary, September 18 - 25, 1795

18 6
rainy. I have been at home picking wool. Sally Coloured yarn for to make womens Cloaths. [Jamy] Hanskom here. at home.  
19 7
raind foren. Hanskom Thrashing wheat. Cyrus at home, killd 2 lambs for us. mr Porter, his wife & mrss Foster here, they made me a prest of a pair Cottne hoes that was their Dear Sisters mrs Pitts. Deryus Ballard Came here, is going to work for us. at home. mr Porters wife and mrs Foster here.  
20 D
Clear and pleast. Cyrus, Deryas & Sally Cocks went to meeting. Dagt Lambart Came here, her Husband Came and Dind here. it raind before they left us. mr Ballard, P. Bullin and John Putman returnd from Surveying at 6h pm. at home. Son & Dagt Lambart here. mr Ballard Came home.  
21 2
Clear till noone, raind aftern. mr Ballard went to the fort, was informd that mr Miles Expird last night and was to be interd ys aftern. mr James Page Dind here. Derius Ballard began to work for us. Sary Neal Came here to work again. Son Town Came here Aftn, his famely about house. at home. Funeral of mr Miles who Died at mr Woodwads
22 3
Clear and Cool. I went to Son Towns, find his famely well Except John, who has had a turn of Pukeing & relaxt. we Dind at mr Trobridges. I went to Son Towns.  
23 4
Clear. I was at Ditoes, helpt my Dagt fix a bed Quillt to. at Ditoes.  
24 5
Cloudy. I helpt break the wool and put the bed quillt into the fraim. mrs Haill Calld and helpt Chalk it. at Ditoes.  
25 6
Clear. my Dagt invited her Neighbour Ladies to quillt. we finisht the quillt and had a Sociable meeting. mrss Haywood, widdow Haill and Dagt, Cragen, two mrs Fullers, 2 mrs Stackpols, Wiman, Dingla & Hawl and Collar were the Ladies who assisted my Dagt. at Ditoes. my Dagt had a Bed Quillt quillted. mr [Putnm] & wife there.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.