Martha Ballard's Diary, August 18 - 23, 1795

18 3
Clear and very warm. mr Ballard went to the Meddow, the men finisht mowing there. Old Lady Bullin and mr T. Pages wife Came here on a visit foren. mr Php Bullin Came and took Tea, and Conducted ym home. at home. mrs Bullin & Page here. mr Ballad at the Meddow.  
19 4
Clear and very warm. mr Ballard gone to the meddow again ys day. he and Ephm Came home aftern, have not finisht makeing ye hay. I have been at home. at home. mr Ballard at meddow.  
20 5
A rainy day. mr Ballard been out after taxis. Ephm went to mr Lambarts after a Chest for Sally Cocks. Shee and I have been picking wool. at home. mr Ballad aftir Meddow Taxes.  
21 6
Clear. mr Ballard & Ephm went to the Meddow. Polly Easty here to Break wool. I was Calld to See mr Burtuns infant who was Scalt yesterday. I tarried all night, the Child was very restless. at mr Burtuns, his inft is Scallt.  
22 7
Clear. I Dresst the Childs Burns with my Salv and went to See Bizer Benjamins Child, who is Sick. Came to Son Jonas & Dind, returnd and Dresst my patients Soars and Came home. Calld at Son Pollards, Rhoda is unwell. A mr Miles is hurt by a fall. I Calld to See him & at mr Joness. Fanny Cocks Came here at Evn. at Ditoes & other Neigrs. our men finisht geting Meddow hay. Fanny Cocks here.  
23 D
X. Birth Isaac Hardins Son. XX.
Clear and warm. I was Calld to See mrs Hardin at [  ]h morn, Shee was Deld of a Son before I arivd, assisted by Doct Hubbard. I left her Comfortable, wrode behind mr Saml Cumings to mr Wessons, find her very unwell; went to Son Pollards, hir Child is unwell. I Dind at mr Lambarts, allended meeting aflern & went to mr Burtuns. at mr Hardins & at meeting. SamlNorcross & his wife here. Birth 35th

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.