Martha Ballard's Diary, August 11 - 17, 1795

11 3
Clear. mr Ballard went to meddow, Sally Cocks to Son Lambarts. we were informd of the Death of her Brother John, who diseast at Jamaca on June 19th, 1795. I have been at home, workt very hard. at home. Sally at mr Lambarts. Shee tarried all night.  
12 4
Clear foren, over Cast aftern. Dagt Lambart Came here this morn, Shee had an ill turn last night. Shee Seems better aftern. we all attended at the Ordination of mr Gillet at the hook. mrs Brown and her Oldest Dagt, mr Town and mrs Foster, Dagt Lambt and EbenZ Moore Junr Dind here. At ye hook to See ye Ordination of mr Gillet. Sally went to her Dads.  
13 5
A heavy rain ys morn, our well filld. mr Ballard went to meddow. mrss Foster Sett out for home. the Boys are fensing ye Garden. I have been at home. At home. mr Balad at ye Meddow.  
14 6
Clear. mr Ballard went to the meddow. I have been at home, am much fatagud a Doing my work. Sally Came home from her Dads near night, her marm is overwhelmd with Grief for the lose of her Son. at home. mr Bald at theMeddow.  
15 7
Clear. mr Ballard went to ye Meddow. Wm Kenada & mr Burgin reapt our Wheat, we got the most of it in to the Barn. mrss Burtun here, Rusha Capin allso, her marm made me a present of A beautifull muslin hand kerchief. at home. mrss Burtun was here. mr Bald at ye Meddow.  
16 D
Clear. Cyrus Came home. mr Ballard and Sons attend worship foren, I went my Self aftern. Calld at mr Lambarts, they are well. at meeting & at Son Lambarts.  
17 2
Clear, our men all went to the meddow. Sally washt and Bakt, I Cleand the store above and below. Sarah Neall Came to Spin for me. at home. our men at the Meddow.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.