Martha Ballard's Diary, August 2 - 10, 1795

2 D
Clear part of ye Day, raind at night. my famely all at meeting, mr Bradford Performd. Cyrus Came here. mr Hamlin and wife, mr Pitts here. Son & Dagt Lambart here after meeting, mrs Rockwood allso. at meeting.  
3 2
Clear part of ye Day and very warm. Ephm and John Savage Sett out to go to the meddow. mr Ballard went up to ye fort. mrss Capin and my Dagt and mr Luke Lambart here, they have been to ye hook. Sally Cocks went home with them. at home. mr Ballard and my Self only Slept in this house ys night.  
4 3
rainy all Day. the Boys returnd from the meddow. Jack Ballard Came with them. mr Ballard went to ye fort and hook. at home. Sally gone.  
5 4
Clear. I have been at home. Sally was at mr Lambarts all day. at home. Sally gone.  
6 5
Clear. I have been at home. Sally washt and washt the floors. at home.  
7 6
Clear and very hott. I have been at home. Wm Hurd and wife and Child Came here ys morn by whom I had a Letter from Brothers Collins & Barton of Jully. mrs Hurd Sleeps here. Capt Cockss Lady, mrs Hamlin, Gordin and A mr Bennit here to Tea. raind foren. at home. mrs Cocks, Hurd and Gordin here. I receivd Letters fm [Brors] Barton & Collins.  
8 7
Clear and very warm aftern. mr Hurd & wife went from here homeward bound. mr John Coutches wife Calld at my window. mr Ballard went home with Jack Ballard. the boys Came home at 2h pm. at home.  
9 D
rainy. my famely all attended Public worShip Except my Self. Cyrus Came up from Pittstn and returnd again. mr Burtun and Luis Hamlin here ys Evn. at home.  
10 1
rainy foren. mr Ballard and the Boys went to meddow aftern, found the provisions destroyd. Sally washt & Scourd. I did my work and went after the Cows. at home. was informd of ye Death of John Cox.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.