Martha Ballard's Diary, July 14 - 17, 1795

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XX. Birth mr X Cains Dagt. XX. Augst 22, 1799 recd 3/ by mrs Dingly.
Clear. Sally Webber Came here, wisht to tarrie till the vessel is readdy to Saill. I was Calld at noone to See mrss Danys infant Son who is Exercisd with a relax. I dealt out a Small portion of Rhubarb for it. was Calld from there by magr Stickney to go to mr Cains, find his wife very ill. Shee was Soon Deld of a Dagt. I had a fall from my hors on my return which hurt me. I found, when I arivd at home, that mr PeterSon has Sent for me. I Calld the Girls up and went to mr Densmores, but Could not hear from her. I did not know where to find her and relurnd home late. at mr Denys & Cains. Birth 32nt. novr 26, 1796 receivd 6/ in part of fee by mrs Stickney. at mr Densmores at Evng. mrs Pelerson Deld of a Son at day break, her Mother assisted her.  
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Clear and hott. mrs Webber Spun 16 knotts of Cottne for me. I feel very much Jard with the fall I had yesterday, but keep about. I had a fine meSs of String beens ys day. at home. this was the morn mrs Peterson was Deld.  
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Esqr Lithgows Lady was Deld this day by Doct Williams.
Clear and very warm. I am informd that mrs Peterson was Deld of a Son yester morn, and was very unwell. I Sett out and went to mr Kenadas, mrs Leach went with me to See her. I find her Better yn my fears. I left Some things for her Support for ye present and returnd home Some fatagud. mr Ballard went to winslow, Sally to her Dads. mr Saml Pierce Dind here. at mrs Petersons, Kenadas & Densmores. the hutt which is Erected for mrs Peterson is Dolefull for to be Sick in.  
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Clear and very warm. mrs Kenney here, informs me her Dagt was very ill last night. I gave her Some Bread, meat, Chees, milk, String beens and Soap to Carry to her. Sally Came home at 10h morn, all well at her Dads Except mr Kimballs infant. Capt Stackpols Lady, mrs Greely and mrss Dingly here. I was So falagud yt they found me on bed. at home. mrss Stackpol, Greely & Dingley here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.