Martha Ballard's Diary, July 10 - 14, 1795

10 6
Clear. I have been at home quilling, Doing house work &C. Ephm has been makeing a Cheese press. at home.  
11 7
Clear. I have been at home. Dagt Ballard and Jason Pierces wife Dind here. I gatherd String Beens, about 3 pints. I was Calld out of Bed at 10h Evn to go and See mr Pillsburys Child, its Complaint was obstruction of urin. I recommended giving a little Niter which relievd the Patient. at mr Pillsburys in ye night. 
12 D
Clear Except a Showr in ye morn. the Child Seemd Cleverly and I Calld in to See mrs Smith, find her better than Shee has been. I went to meeting, mr Ballard & Son Town returnd from Coart this morn and attended, Cyrus up allso. we wint to mr Lamberts at intermistion. he and wife with mr Capin & his and mr Town Came after Meeting, Dind and took Tea with us. at mr Pillsburys and at meeting.  
13 2
raind. mr Town left here homewd bound. I have felt very dul. Sally Extracted a tooth for me. I have Carded Cottne, wound quills and Sett Cabbage plants. Ephm began to mow our grass. at home.  
14 3
XX. Birth mr X Cains Dagt. XX. Augst 22, 1799 recd 3/ by mrs Dingly.
Clear. Sally Webber Came here, wisht to tarrie till the vessel is readdy to Saill. I was Calld at noone to See mrss Danys infant Son who is Exercisd with a relax. I dealt out a Small portion of Rhubarb for it. was Calld from there by magr Stickney to go to mr Cains, find his wife very ill. Shee was Soon Deld of a Dagt. I had a fall from my hors on my return which hurt me. I found, when I arivd at home, that mr PeterSon has Sent for me. I Calld the Girls up and went to mr Densmores, but Could not hear from her. I did not know where to find her and relurnd home late. at mr Denys & Cains. Birth 32nt. novr 26, 1796 receivd 6/ in part of fee by mrs Stickney. at mr Densmores at Evng. mrs Pelerson Deld of a Son at day break, her Mother assisted her.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.