Martha Ballard's Diary, July 1 - 4, 1795

1 4
Clear and warm. I workt Some in my Gardin foren. was Calld to See Capt Molloys Lady aftern, find her Exercised with weakness, Gave her Some Directions. Shee gave me 1/6 and I returnd home at Evn. mr Ballard been to ye fort to Survey for Esq Coney. Ephm workt on the road with ye oxen. at Capt Molloys.  
2 5
X. Birth of mr Danys Son & Daugt XX.
Clear and warm. I workt on Some raggs for Coverled, and was Calld by mr Dany to go and See his wife who was in Labour. I left home after 3h pm. Shee was Deld at 4 of a Son and at half after 4 of a Daughter. mother and infants are likely to do well. I receivd 6/ in part of my fee, and walkt home after Sun Sett. an informd that the Neighbours have Put up a Camp for mrs Peterson on the 8 rods road, back of mr Kenaday. at mr Danys. Birth 30th & 31st. I receivd 6/.  
3 6
Clear and warm. I workt Some in my Gardin and Some on raggs for Coverld. mr James [Webber] and his Sister Sally Dind here. John Kenady & David Densmore workt here, had 9/ in Cash at night. mr Shubal Hinkleys man workt aftern. Sally Shows much uneasiness about her wages. magr Stickney here, receivd money of mr Ballard as a Bounty for a wolf. at home. magr Stickney receivd a Bounty for wolf of mr Ballard.  
4 7
Clear and warm. I workt in my Gardin. mrs Savage here. I paid her for Spining 3/. Independence observd at the hook. they assembled on ye Island. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.