Martha Ballard's Diary, June 19 - 25, 1795

19 6
X. Birth Georg Boltons Son. XX.
Clear and very warm. Charls Cockss wife was here on a visit. I was Calld at Evn to go to Georg Boltons. I had a viry fataguing Journey, found the patient Deld of a Son. I tarried till morn. I wrode mr Ballards hors. at Georg Boltons. Birth 29th. receivd8/5 June 27th 1797.  
20 7
Clear and warm. I returnd from Boltons. Calld at John Jonses, mr Lambarts and Son Pollards. I was very much fatagud. at Ditoes. mr Sheppard, Robbins and 2 Gentlemen from Boston here.  
21 G
Clear forenn, raind before night. Selvester G. Moore here, made me a present of an Orange & 2 apples. mr Ballard & Sons went to meeting, I did not feel able to go. Cyrus Sleeps here. at home. Selvister G. Moore here.  
22 2
Cloudy part of the day. I have Done my hous work & wed Gardin Some. Polly has Spun her Days work and helpt me Some about my work. At home.  
23 3
Clear till near night, then we had a Shower. mr Ballard & Ephm weading Corn between mr Livrms & here. I have workt in my Gardin the most of the day, feel fatagud. Sally Came here this morn. Shee Brewd ys aftern. mr Ballard brot 1 Galln molases & Pork home. at home. Sally Cocks Came from Son Lambarts ys morn.  
24 4
Clear. I workt in my Gardin till near night then went to See mrs Peterson who is unwell. Came home at Evn. at mrss Petersons.  
25 5
rainy part of ye Day. I did house work foren, Sett plants and houghd my Mellons aftern. mr Town Sleeps here, his famely are well as usual. at hom.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.