Martha Ballard's Diary, May 27 - June 2, 1795

27 4
X. Birth Grefins Son. XX.
Clear and pleast. I was at the hous of Brestow Grifins. this wife was Safe Deld of a Son at 6 hours pm. I receivd 6/ as a reward, returnd home by water. at Grifins. Birth 26th.  
28 5
Clear and Pleast morn. I have planted Beens in ye Door yd. Sowd Pees round the flax. mr Gill & wife and mr Lambart took Tea here. at home.  
29 6
Cloudy, raind aftern. I was Clearing my Door yd foren. Asa Mason gave [me] an order on mr Baxter for what he owd me. he Dind here. Capt Nichols & Son Alaxander here directly from Oxford, my friends are well. they brot a Letter from Josiah Kingsbury. I wrote to Brors Collins Moore, Barton & Waters. at home. wrote to my friends at the west. Dolly Sett a wb of Diaper to work.  
30 7
rainy all day. I have been Doing a little in ye Door yd & kniting. Dolly wove 2 yds of her Diaper. at home.  
31 G
rainy. mr Ballard wint to meeting at ye hook. Silva Moore, mr Raiment & [Pettie] Dind here. mr Abrm Pages wife had our hors to wride to mr Pollards. at home. Selva Moore here.  
1 2
Showers from morn to Evn when we had a heavy one. I workt between Showers at mooving the Doore Dirt. Dolly Cut her web out after weaving 4 yds & Drew it for plain Cloath, it being So hard to weav Shee Could not weav it. at home.  
2 3
Clear, part ye Day Showers. mr Ballard at his meddow, found it flowd. Ephm went to Sidney for Polly Easty. I workt in ye Door yd & Seller. I planted Cucumbers by the house, they Came up 8 inst. at home. Polly Easty [Came] here to work.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.