Martha Ballard's Diary, May 21 - 26, 1795

21 5
Cloudy and Some rain. Sally Hamlin here, Came yesterday. I was Calld to See Edmond Getchels wife who is unwell, tarried all night. at mr Getchells.  
22 6
rainy. I was Calld from mr Gitchels to See Briant Fletchers infant which is very Sick; returnd at Evn. at Ditoes & mr Fletchers.  
23 7
rainy. I was at mr Getchels, his wife is very unwell. at mr Getchels.  
24 D
a very rainy Day. I was at mr Getchels, his wife unwell yet. at Ditoes.  
25 2
Birth X Edmond Getchels Son. XX.
Clear and pleasant Except Some what Cool. mrss Getchell had her women Calld aftern and was Safe Deld of a Son at 4h pm. I left her and infant as well as Could be Expected at 7. Calld to See mr Fletchers Child, find it a little more Comforlable. at Ditoes. Birth 24th. receivd 6/7. 
26 3
X. Birth Jery Badcks Son. XX.
Clear and pleast. I was Calld by Benn Petingal to go to Jerimy Badcoks. went to ye fort by water, was very wet when I arivd there. was taken on hors back there, wrode more than a mile then orderd to return, ye patient being Deld of a Son. I Crost the river in ye Boat after receiving 6/ of mr Petngll for my troubl. I was invited to take Breakfast with mr Smith. I Dind there allso. took Tea at mr Gills. Calld to See mrs Capin, was Calld from there by Brestow Grefin, a man of Coulor whos wife is white. Came home on our hors, went from there by water and was much fatagud by Climbing ye assent. find ye patient Some what ill but I had opt to take rest by Sleep. Calld to Jery Badcoks. Birth 25th

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.