Martha Ballard's Diary, May 6 - 11, 1795

6 4
Clear and warm. Dagt Ballard and Dolly went to the Stores. hook, Dolly brot Crockery and 3/4 lb Snuff. mr Ballard & Selva went to Town Meeting. I have Sewd raggs for Coverled. at home.  
7 5
Clear. mr Ballard went to Colo Howards. Dagt Pollard here. I have workt a little in my gardin, Sett Car Current Bushes &C. at home. my Dagts here.  
8 6
Clear & Pleast. mr Ballard at Esqr Conys. Dagt Ballard and her Childn went home. Dolly and Sally washt & went to mr Gills. mr Princ Baker here. I was Calld to See Capt Molloys infant, it is unwell. we gave it Rhubarb. I tarried all night. at Capt Molloys. Dagt Ballard went home, Son Town Slept here.  
9 7
Clear and windy. I left ye infant a little more Comfortable. mrss Molloy made me a present of muSlin for a Cap. I felt Dull after I Came home. mr Preskott & Son & mr Pullin Dind here. I Sowd Seeds for Sallit. at Dittoes.  
10 D
Clear & pleasant. my famely, Except my Self and Dolly, went to meeting at ye hook. mrss Holman, mr Trask & wife, Augusts Ballard, Jessy Bullin, Wm Parmer, Anna Bullin and Fanny Cocks Supt here. the Girls Sleep here, Ballard allso. at home. receivd a Letter from Doct Barton of April 22nt, by mrss Holman.  
11 2
Cloudy and Some rain. mr Ballard went to pittstn. I have planted Cucumbers and Sowd Turnip and Lettuce Seed. mrss Page here, had Gardin Seeds. Polly Livermore here at Evn. Richd Foster here, his famely are well. Bror Ebinz Moore, Anna & Fanny Sleep here. at home. Bror Moore Slept here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.