Martha Ballard's Diary, May 1 - 5, 1795

1 6
X Birth mr Claps Son. XX
Clear. mr Hodges I was Calld to See mrss Clap who was in Labour. I left home at 4h pm, walkt as far as mr Hodges, wrode with Edwd Savage Junr the rest of ye way. my Patient was Deld at 5 of a Son and is Cleverly. I tarried all night, Slept Some. at mr Clapss. Birth 21st. I saw mrss Jones there.  
2 7
Clear. I went to See mrss Parker, Shee is not So well as I Could wish. I Calld to See mrss Kimbal, Shee is unwell; at mr Crages and Dind; at mr Thwings, they are as well as usual; at mr Capins, Shee is mending; at mr Abbots, Shee is feeble; at Son Pollards, they are well as usual. I wrode his hors home. at Ditoes and other Neighs. Sally gone to her Dads. Cyrus Came home.  
3 D
a rainy Day. Cyrus went down to pitts tn. I have been very unwell. Jona Dind here. mr Lambt Came this aftern. at home, unwell.  
4 2
Clear and very windy. mr Waid workt here. mr Ballard and his men returnd from East Andivour, they are very much fatagud. I have been very unwell with a Could. at home. mr Ballard returnd. Son Jon as house was Burnt at Evining.  
5 3
Clear and very pleasant. mr Ballard, my Self, Selva & Ephm went to meeting at the Acadima. a Discourse Deld by Revd mr Bradford of Pownalboro adapted to the ocation, viz, the opening the Semenary of inslruction. Deacon Coney and Lady Dind with us and I went to mr Livermrs with them. Jonas wife & Children Came here. the house he built for Bizer Benjamin to liv in was Consumd by fire last Evng. at meeting at ye hook and at mr Livermores.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.