Martha Ballard's Diary, April 10 - 17, 1795

10 6
Clear and very Cold, froze the ground all day. I have been kniting. mrs Gill and Sally washt. Dolly went to Son Pollards aftern, all well there. I have been at home all day. at home.  
11 7
Clear and cold. mr Gill Conducted his wife home from our house to houskeeping. I wish them prosperity. they left here between the hours of 12 and 1. mr Waid here, Butchered a Calf for us. he had a quarter wt 18-2/1. EbenZ Moore Junr Sleeps here. Ephm brot Jack Ballard here, he is in Jackoat and Trousers. Sally Cocks is Sick with a Coald. at home. mrs Gill Left here and went to houskeeping. Sally Cocks is unwell.  
12 E
Clear and pleast. Ephm and EbenZ Moore went to meeting at ye hook. Son Jon a and Pollard and their wives Dind and took Tea with me. Jona and his little Son Jack walkt home. Dolly wrode & Carried his wife & infant home. Sally Cocks is unwell yet. mr Gillit Descoarst from John V C, 39 vers. at home. my Childn here.  
13 2
X. Birth mr Capins Dagt. XX.
Cloudy the most of the Day. I was Calld by mr Capin at 5h morn to See his wife who was in Labour, and was Safe Delivd of a Dagt at 1 pm, and I left her and infant Cleverly and returnd at 3. I was Calld to Capt Molloys. at mr Capins. Birth 17th. Snowd at night.  
14 3
Clear. I was at Capt Molloys. at Capt Molloys.  
15 4
Clear and warm. mr Piter Clearks wife Came to See mrs Molloy. at Ditoes.  
16 5
Cloudy, a South wind, rain at night. I went to See mrs Dingly and returnd. mr Tarbox and his wife there. at Ditoes.  
[17] 6
rainy. I was Calld from Capt Moloys to Benn Branches wife in Labour. I had a fall in the mire by the Bridg between here and Densmores. at Ditoes & Benn Branches.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.