Martha Ballard's Diary, March 25 - April 2, 1795

25 4]
Clear part of ye Day. we finisht [   ] Dollys Bed quillt. I was at [home].   
26 5]
Clear. I was Calld at 11h last Evn to mr Gordins, his wife unwell. mrs Black Sent for me, I Could not go.   
27 6]
Clear and Cool. I was at mr Gordins, his wife was Deld (at 4h 30m morn) of a Dagt. I left her & inft as well as Could be Expected and arivd at home at 11h foren. I receivd [3] lb Cottne @ 2/4 pr lb. I Dind and went to See mrs Black, find her better yn my fears. I Calld to See mrs Smith and mrs Capin and at Son Pollards. at Ditoes. Birth 14th. Calld to Thoms Kenneys at 11h Evng.  
28 7]
Clear. I was at mr Kinneys, his wife very unwell all Day. Seems more Comfortable at Evn. part of her women went home. at Ditoes. my [patient] very ill.  
29 D]
Snowd. I was at mr Kinneys, his wife is better, her women all went home. I tarried this night. at Ditoes.  
30 2]
Clear and warm. I was at Ditoes. at Ditoes.  
31 3]
Clear and warm. I was at Ditoes, am informd that John O. Pages wife was Deld this morn and her Child is Dead. at Ditoes.  
1 4]
Clear morn, a very warm Day. I Came home from mr Kenneys. Crost on the ice at ye hook. at Ditoes.  
2 5]
Clear and very Pleast. I was Calld at 7h morn to mr Kinneys wife, Shee was Deld at 10h morn of a Son. I left her and inft Cleverly. Crost [part] by drawing ye boat on ye [ice] [thro the] water. at Ditoes. Birth [15th]. 

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.