Martha Ballard's Diary, February 12 - 16, 1795

12 5
Clear. mr Ballard went to Town meeting. I have been at home. I am much fatagud but knitt Some. at home.  
13 6
Cloudy foren. mr Ballard went to Survey for mrs Hussey. Cyrus, Silva & Ephm Surveying the road from mr Pollards to the Crotch by whites. Dolly to work for mrss Burtun, Ephm & Sally to Singing School at Evng, mr White Came home with them. Cyrus took the hors to Capt Neys for his Dady. I have been at home. at home. mrs Barton has the tooth aick.  
14 7
X. Birth David Pollards 2nd Son. XX.
Clear. I was at home till Evn, 9 O Clock, when I was Calld to See David Pollards wife who was Dild of a fine Son at 10. I tarried all night. mr Stodard is very Sick at that house, Dilarious. Doct Page there to visit him, he was Calld in ye night. at mr Pollards. Birth 9th. David Pollards wife is 27 years old this day. receivd 6/7 Novr 20 of Old Lady Pollard.  
15 D
Clear. I tarried with my Patient part of the Day & all night. Calld to See mrs Baxter, Shee is recovering. mrs Voce & I wint to mr Childs at Evng, all well there. mr Stodard a little more Composd. at Dittoes.  
16 2
Clear. I tarried with my patient till after Dinner. left her and infant Cleverly. mr Stodard Seemd to have made feavour. Doct Page Bled him in ye feet this morn, he has been bled, Phissicked and Btistered before, in his Sickness. I Calld at mr Abbotts, Capins, and Son Pollards. Dagt Ballard is not so well as Could be wisht this aftern, her Sister Trask was there with a Lamb Son. at Dittoes & other Neighbours.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.