Martha Ballard's Diary, February 7 - 11, 1795

7 7
Clear and moderate. I left my Childn as well as Could posably be Expected. Dagt Ballard Seemd more Composed in her head, may infinite goodness Grant her a Safe recovery, and may they and all Concernd give praise to his great name to him who is kind to the Evle and unthankfull, whose tender mercies are over all his work. I find Dagt Dolly more Comfortable, and the widdo Barton here to work with her. at Son Pollards. I find my Dagt Dolly much more Comfortable.  
8 D
Cloudy. my famely, Except Sally & my Self, attended Devine Service foren, my Self & Shee aftern. Tilton went from here to mr Livermores afternon. I Calld to See Son Jon as wife, find her Comfortable even to admiration. may the benevalent authur of all our mercies Still Continue his Goodness to her and her famely. mr Gill and White here at Evng. at meeting, and at Son Pollards. Augustus Ballard and S. G. More Sleep here this night.  
9 2
Cloudy part of the Day. mr Ballard, Silva Moore & Ephm been Surveying the river. Dolly wrode to Son Pollards, finds Jonas wife as well as Can be Expected. mrs Barton & Sally Cocks washt, I assisted to Do kitchen work. at home. Dolly made a Gown for mrss Abbott.  
10 3
Clear & pleast. I went to See Son Jon as wife, find her tolerable Comfortable. I was at mr Capons, Blacks, Smiths, Pitts Store and Old mr Pollards. they were all well Except mr Stodard, he is mending. at Son Pollards & others.  
11 4
X. Birth Saml Husseys 3d Son. XX.
Clear. I was Calld to Capt Husseys, walkt to the Loading place from there, Crosst the mountains of ice. arivd all most fatagud to Death, found his wife Deld of a Son. I returnd home by fort Weston, wrode our hors from mr Pollards. Dagt Ballard [Cleverly]. at Capt Husseys. Birth 8th to which I have been Calld.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.