Martha Ballard's Diary, February 3 - 6, 1795

3 3
A S E wind & rain. we had a Swine Butchered by Silva Moore and Tilton. mr Ballard went to the fort. I have been at home. at home.  
4 4
Clear and pleast. I went to See mrs Sheppard, find her as well as Could be Expected, her infant allso. they made me a prest of 24 and a bottle of wine for Dolly. mr Ballard Surveying the river. at mr Sheppards. Dolly Came home Sick. Lafaett is 2 years old.  
5 5
Cloudy. I arose this morn, found the ice was gone by our hous and that ye freshett higher than I Ever have Seene it. I Sent Cyrus to See what Circumstance Jon a and famely were in, he returnd with news that his house was Covered Several feet from the bottom with water and that his wife and Childn were Carried in at mr Burtuns. I went Directly there, find my Dagt Comfortable to admiration. I tarrid with her all night, do not find as she has taken Cold, notwithStanding Shee was out three or four hours on her bed in a Sleigh. they did but Escape before their house was Startd from the foundation and the Chimney throun Down. they have Since found more of their affects than Could have been Expected. at my Son Jonas. his famely Drove out by thee freshet as ice being Jambd. his wife been Deld but 4 Days. the grait preserving mercy of God has wonderfully apeared for her and famely in their preservation.  
6 6
Clear & fine weather. we removd Jonas wife and infant from mr Burtuns to Son Pollards. I tarried with her all night. Shee Seemd very much worried, Did not wrest So well as I Could wish. at Ditoes. we removd my Sons wife to Son Pollards.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.