Martha Ballard's Diary, January 17 - 26, 1795

17 7
X. Birth Thos Stickneys Son. XX.
Cloudy, Snowd Some. I was Calld to See the wife of Thos Stickney who was Dild at 5h Evn of her Second Son, a fine Child. I left my Patients Cleverly and returnd home at 8h. find Dagt Ballard & Childn are gone home. I receivd 6/ as a reward. at Thos Stickneys. Birth 4.  
18 D
A Severe Snow Storm. I was at home. mr Ballard went to meeting. at home. R. Foster here.  
19 2
Stormd part of ye Day. I was Calld to Capt Husseys. it   
20 3
was Dreadfull Crosing the river. I was Detaind there   
21 4
till the morn of ye 24th when I Came home. mr Ballard   
22 5
there to run Lines. Son & Dagt Town Came here last Evn   
23 6
and Dolly returnd home from there. at Capt Husseys 5 Days.  
24 7
I Came from Capt Husseys this morn, went with Son and Dagt Town to Son Pollards aft n. Patty Easty here to have an over Coat Cutt. Sally Cox & Ephm went to Singing School at Evng. at Ditoes & Son Pollards.  
25 D
Clear. I went to meeting forenn, was unwell aftern. my famely all attended Except Ephm. at meeting.  
26 2
Clear. I have been to Son Jonas, they are well; to mr Craigs, Shee is Comfortable; at mr Burtuns, Shee made me a present of a Shaul and paper pins; at mr Baxters, Shee is as well as Shee has been of late. I Drank Tea with old Lady Pollard and Spent Evng with Davids wife. Dagt Town & Pollard there. mrs Barton here to have a goun made. at Son Jon as & other Neighbours.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.