Martha Ballard's Diary, January 7 - 16, 1795

7 4
A Severe Snow Storm. I was Calld at 6h Evn to go & See Capt Saml Huseys wife, went to mr Sheppards where they left me all night. at mr Sheppards all night.  
8 5
Clear & Cold. Capt Husey Came to mr Shepds & Conducted me   
9 6
to his house in a Sleigh. I tarried there till the 13th   
10 7
when I Came home, and returnd there again and tarried all   
11 D
night. Came home again the 14th.   
12 2
at Capt Huseys 7 Days.
13 3
Asa Cumings Expird this morn.
14 4
X. Birth mr Craiges Son, Rheubin Branards allso Son allso. XX.
Clear. I Came home and was Calld by mr Craige to See his wife who was in labour, & was Deld of her first Child, a Son, at 10h Evn and is as Cleverly as Could be Expected. I was Calld from there to See the wife of Rheubin Branard who was Delivd of her first Son & 4th Child before my arival. at Capt Huseys, Conys & Branards. Births 2nt and 3d. Asa Cumingss remains interd this aftern.  
15 5
Snowd. I returnd to mr Craigs at 4h morn, went to bed and Slept a little. I Came home aftern, find Dagt Ballard and Childn here, mrs Foster and her infant allso. mr Town & Ezra Sleep here. I do feel fatagud. at Dittoes Craigs and Brainards.  
16 6
Clear & very Cool. Son Town, his Son and my Dagt Dolly went from here Bound for winslow. mr Ballard and Sons at Coart. Richd Foster, his wife, Dagt Ballard and Childn Sleep here ys night. at home. Dolly went to Winslow.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.