Martha Ballard's Diary, December 20 - 24, 1794

20 7
rainy. I tarried with mrs Cocks, Shee & infant are Cleverly. rain & thunder ys night. at [Charls] Cockss
21 E
Cloudy. I Came from mr Cocks by water, left all well as Could be Expected. I Saw a Schooner go up by mr Goodins and a boat allso. I find a pair of new Shoes & put them on, they fitt me very well. Selvstr G. Moore Sleep here. we were alarmd by a noise in the night, the Girls & I rose. at Ditoes. left thm Cleverly.  
22 2
Clear & very pleast. mr Ballard & S. Moore Left here ys morn Bound up river to run a line for Govr Williamson. I have been at home. Sally went to the hook for Dolly a pair Shoes & other things. at home. Polly Livrmr here at Evn. mr Ballard gone up ye river.  
23 3
Clear & pleast for Decembr. I have finisht a Striped mitt for Ephm. Dolly & Sally went to a Daunce at mr Capins, were attended by a mr Lambart and White. I spent the Evn quite alone for Ephm was gone to ye hook & mr Morril up Streat. at home. my Girls to mr Capins.  
24 4
Clear and very pleasant. I finisht Ephms Mitt, they are the first Striped ones I ever knitt. Polly & Alice Levermore here. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.