Martha Ballard's Diary, December 14 - 19, 1794

14 E
Clear & very pleast. mr Ballard, my Sons & Sally Cocks are gone to meeting at ye hook. Son Jon a here, brot his oldest Son. Eph went & Carried him home after meeting. Dolly returnd, is well as usual. Polly Livermore & 5 gentlemen here. I have been at home all Day. at home. Sally Came home. mr Petr Cleark went from home this night, we fear he is lost.  
15 2
Clear & pleast. mr Baxter and his wife were here. Shee Seems much as Shee was when I last Saw her. Dolly is gone to mr Pollards to work. I have been at work on my Stockins, finish one and began the other. Philp Bullin Supt here. Polly Livermore been here ys day. We are informd that mr Peter Cleark went away from home last Evng & is not yet heard of. he has been in a Sort Delareum for Some months past. at home. Dolly went to mr Pollards.  
16 3
Cloudy, raind at night. mr Waid here, Butcherd a Beef heifer for us. I Cleand the feet & Tripe. Sally washt, Cyrus went to Pittston. at home.  
17 4
Cloudy part ye Day & very warm for Decemr. a mr Morrill Came here to make Shoes. I have pickt 10o Z Cottne for mrs Densmore. at home.  
18 5
Cloudy. I have been at home, Carded Cottne, Sally spun. at home.  
19 6
X. Birth Charlss Cockss Son. XX.
misty. I was Calld out of Bed by Charls Cocks to So his wife who was in Labour. I Crost on the ice at Martins. Shee was made the Living mother of a Son, her first Born, at 10 & 20m morn. I tarried with her all night. the ice moovd by there. at Charls Cockss. Birth 48th. receivd 6/7d

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.