Martha Ballard's Diary, September 13 - 18, 1794

13 7
X. Birth Benn Fitches Son. XX.
A foggy morn, Clear & warm afterwds. I was Calld to See Benn Fitches wife at 1h morn. Shee was Deld of a Son (her first Born) at 5h m. I left her Cleverly, her Babe allso, & arivd at home at 10. receivd 6/ as a reward. Dolly is gone to Son Pollards. Sally finisht Bleaching yn, Cyrus went to Capt F Browns, bot 1 quart W E Rhum, paid Cash; had 2 lb Shugar, Dito of Butter & 1 lb Coffee which was not paid for. at Benn Fitche. Birth 35th. at home.  
14 E
Clear & very warm. Sally Cocks went to her Dads. we all attended Public worship. Son Town Sleeps here. Jona Supt here. at meeting. Son Town here.  
15 2
X. Birth Capt Fillebns Son. XX. Second Child.
foggy morn. Capt Hersey Sent for me to See his Babe, it being Sick. I left it Some Senna & manna & returnd home at 11h foren, was Calld imediately to Capt FilleBrowns wife who is in Labour. Shee was Safe Deld of a fine Son at 10h 30m. I tarried & took Care of her. mr Town left here, mrs Barton & my Dagt Dolly gone with him. at Capt Herseys & Capt F Bns. Birth 36th. Dolly is gone to winslow.  
16 3
Clear & warm. I tarried with mrs Fillebrown till 3h PM when her Marm Came, & I Came home. left my Patent as well as Could be Expected. receivd 12/7 as a reward. the Capt is Confind by Sickness, but we hope he is on the recovery. I left mrs Wesson, Duttun, Conry, & mrs Lois Harris with them. I wrode home with Nathan Wesson. at Ditoes Capt Fillebns, receivd 12/7.  
17 4
Clear foren, Cloudy & Some rain aftern. I have been gathering Beens & radish Pods. Cyrus went to Jon as, Ephm to Hauling timber for the Bridg over Joness Stream. at home. Jason Pierce removd from my Sons.  
18 5
Clear. I have been gathering Seeds. David Learned & wife & Child have brot me Letters from Sisters Barton & waters, of the 6th & 7th inst. I had 1 galn Vinagr of Burtun.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.