Martha Ballard's Diary, August 21 - 24, 1794

21 5
rainy. I have been with mrs Pitts all Day. Shee has been more Comfortable than Shee was yesterday. Doct Williams Calld to See her. Spoke Les couraging, Said he had known Some find help from using the Bark, but Did not wish to advise to it unless Shee Chose to. Shee wisht to try it, we prepard it & Shee took 7 Tea Spoonfuls. I Saw no ill Efect from it. I left her at 6h & 30m & returnd home, find Dolly a little better than Shee was. at mr Pittss, Doct Williams there.  
22 6
Clear. I have been at home Doing matters in my Gardin. Shubal Pitts Dind here, informs me his wife is much as when I left her. Phillip Bullin Dind here, informs his Sister Anna is a little better. mr Ballard been to mr Bisbes. Dolly has been makeing a waist Coat for Cyrus, he went to mill to Varsalboro with 2 Bushels of wheat of our own raising. it made Beautifull flower. at home. Cyrus went to get wheat ground at Esq Farewells mill.  
23 7
Clear. Cyrus went to See how mrs Pitts is, finds her as well as Shee was yesterday. mr Ballard been fixing for his Tour & planking the Seller. I was Calld to Shubl Pittss (watcht) his wife was very ill. mrs Abbott Setts with me. at mr Pittss. Dolly Sleepsat Son Pollards. mrs Porter at Pittss
24 E
X. Birth mr Kimbals Son. XX.
Clear part of the Day. I Slept this morn, was Calld at 9h morn to See mrs Kimball. Shee was Safe Delivd of a Son at 4h am. I receivd 6/ as a reward for my Service & returnd to mr Pitts. mrs Porter & Richd Foster Watcht. mrs Pitts rested Better ys night. at mr Pittss & Kimbals. Birth 32nt

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.