Martha Ballard's Diary, August 14 - 17, 1794

14 5
Birth Richd Fosters Son.
Clear & very warm Day. mrs Foster was Safe Deld of a Son, (her second Child) at 4h & 50m morn. I left her at 9 as well as Could be Expected. Calld to See mr James Page who is very low by a fall he receivd last Satterday. I find mrs Pitts greatly revivd, how wonderfull is Gods goodness. I Came to Son Pollards & Slept, which refresht me, being very much fatagud. Came home at Evng. Dolly is Gone to Jonas. at Richd Fostres & Pitts and Son Pollards. Birth 31st.  
15 6
Clear & very warm. I was Calld to my Son Jonas to See my Daugt Dolly who is very Sick with a Disentary & Faintness & Pukeing. I tarried all night. at Son Jonas, my Dagt Dolly Sick there.  
16 7
Clear. we made three attempts to have Dolly Sett up & Shee allmost fainted. Shee Seemd a little revivd aflern when we helpt her onto our hors. Shee wrode to the river & was Conducted home by water. Shee was very much overcome by watking from ye water to ye house. I put onions to her feet, gave her Castor & Shee Seems Some more Comfortable. at Detoes. we brot my DagtDolly home. I Calld to See mrs Pitts, find her a Little moreComfortable.  
17 E
rainy morn. mr Ballard & Sons went to meeting. I attended aftern. the Ordinance of Baptism was administred to mrs Pitts after Divine Service was over. Shee is as well as Shee has been for Some Days. I went to See mr Hamtins Child, find it very low. Dolly is a little Easier. at meeting & at mr Hamlins & Pittss. mrs Pitts Baptised ys Day.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.