Martha Ballard's Diary, July 29 - August 3, 1794

29 3
Clear. I was Calld to See mrs Hamlin who is very Sick with a Disentary. I was to See mrs Pitts, find her more Comfortable. I went to mr Hamlins at Evn & Sett up with his wife. at mr Hamlins & Pittss, [their] wives Sick.  
30 4
Cloudy part of ye Day. I Came from mr Hamlins to mr Pitts, Spent the most of ye Day there. Shee had a Distrest turn by Eating a little meat, but Seems more Comfortable. I Calld at mr Capins & Son Pollards, he is gone to trooping to Pittstn. at Dittoes. mrs Hamlin is Easier ys morn.  
31 5
Clear. I was Calld to mr Hamlins, his wife is very Sick with a Bloody flux. I tarried all night. I Calld to See mrs Pitts who is more Comfortable. I went to See mrs Child & Son. at mr Pittss & Hamlins.  
1 6
Clear. we removd mrs Hamlin out of the Chamber, Shee Seems more Comfortable. I went to See mrs Pitts aftern, his mother there. I was at mr Wessons & Doct Colmans. returnd home, find my Dagt Pollard, mrs Barton and Polly Pollard here. at Ditoes & others.  
2 7
Cloudy morn, raind before noon. mr Ballard finisht giting his meddow hay & returnd home at 2h PM. mrs Barton & Polly Pollard went from here near night. my Dagt Pollard tarried all night. Hannah Seemd Some unwell. at home. mrs Barton went from here. we finisht haying.  
3 E
Clear. mr Ballard & I went to meeting all Day, Dolly & Sally aftern. Dagt Pollard went home, Dolly tarries there ys night. mrs Barton at mr Pittss, Shee is much as Shee [was]. at meeting & at mr Hamtins & Pittss

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.