Martha Ballard's Diary, July 14 - 18, 1794

14 2
Clear & very warm. mr Ballard & Cyrus attended Coart. I went to See Daugt Pollard, find her more Comfortable; to mr Pittes, his wife is very feeble but Shee wrode my hors to Son Pollards. I was at mr Capens to See mrs Page who has Scolt her foot. The Cause between Andruos & Son Jona was tried Last Satterday & went in favour of ye Latter. may he for the futer be Carefull to gard against giving way to passion & liv a Sober life is the Earnest wish of me, his affectionate mother. at Son Pollards, Pills & mr Capins.  
15 3
Clear & very warm. mr Ballard & Cyrus attended Coart. I went to See mrs Pitts, find her more feeble than Shee was yesterday; at mr Capins, mrs Page very bad with her foot. Dolly was up to mr Pittss. Dagt Pollard is about ye house. mrs Coutch & I took Tea there & walkt home together. at mr Pitts, Capins & Son Pollards. mr Lambart lost his Case and was [Sentancd] to imprisonment & Cost.  
16 4
Clear. mr Ballard at Coart. Cyrus Sett out for winslow. Dolly Spun Linning foren, went to See her Sister aftern. mrs Abbit here. I have Done house work & Some in my Gardin. Sally Williams here. at home. mrs Abbot here, Dolly to her Sisters.  
17 5
Clear. mr Ballard Laying out house Lotts for mr Wesson. I houghd my mellons foren, was unwell aftern. mr Isaac Savages wife here. Dolly Carded Cottne. at home. mrs Savage here.  
18 6
X. Birth Alvin Neys Daugt. XX.
Clear Except a Shower about noon. I was Calld by Alvin Ney to See his wife who was in Labour. Shee was Deliverd at 10h morn of a Daugt, was Exercised with pain & fainting after delivery. I made use of Camphr & other remidies. Shee revivd & I left her & Child Cleverly at 2h pm, receivd 6/ as a reward. find ye South Side of our Seller Cavd in on my return. Dolly Carding & Spining Cottne. Shuball Pitts & wife here. at mr Alvin Neys. Birth 30th. a SecondChild. mrs Pitts here. mr Ballard been to the Parrish Meeting. 

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.