Martha Ballard's Diary, July 3 - 9, 1794

3 5
Cloudy foren. Charls Cocks Came at 11h morn for Sally to go to his Dads, his Brother Gershom is very Sick, his Life is Dispard of by his friends. I have been at work in my gardin this foren, Sett Some Cabbag & Turnips. I went to Son Pollards, find my Dagt but feeble. I was at mr Wessons Store, bot 1 lb Coffee @ 1/4, _ lb Brim stone /4, 1 oz Sinnamon /9, 7 gills Ginn 1/9, 1_ lb raisans @ 1 1/3, Snuff /2. at Doct Colmans, 2 oz Spermaseta, 2 oz manna, _ oz myr, Do alloes 1/2, Vial & Salts, Camphr _ oz. at home. at Son Pollards & other Neighbors.  
4 6
Clear & warm. I have washt. Dolly went to Son Pollards, her Sister is more Comfortable. mr Perham, the Surveyer Dind here, I paid him 18/. at home. mr Perham here. Dolly at Son Pollards.  
5 7
Clear. I Did my house work & went to See Daugt Pollard, made use of means which gave her relief. I went to mr Burtuns, Bot 2 Combs, 2 Strings Beeds & 3 yds quallity. at Old mr Pollards, had 3_ lb butter. at Son Pollards & other Neighbrs. mr Ballard Came home.  
6 E
Clear. Dolly went to Son Pollards aftern. James & Ephm went to Capt Coxes. Gersham is beller. mr Waid was here, his infant is not So well as Could be wisht. at home. mr Perham Sleeps here.  
7 2
Clear. mr Ballard went to Esqr Coneys ys morn, to Surveying Land for a mr Fuller afterward. I have Done my house work. Capt Blunts Lady Dind, took Tea & Sleeps here. Polly Page Came here to work, informs me that Dagt Pollard had an ill turn to Day. at home. mrs Blunt Sleeps here.  
8 3
Clear. I Did my work & went to See Dagt Pollard, find her a little more Comfortable. mr Ballard & Cyrus at Coart. at Son Pollards. Sally Cocks returnd.  
9 4
Clear. I helpt about house & pickt wool. Polly Pages marm Sleeps here. Golly has been to See her Sister, finds her a little Better. mr Ballard & Cyrus been at Coart. at home. mrs Page Sleeps here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.