Martha Ballard's Diary, May 13 - 18, 1794

13 3
rainy. I have been at home, am informd yt mr Ballard found the Snow 4 feet deep when he arivd at the place of Destination for begining his Tour of Surveyings. Cyrus has been to the hook, had 1 Bushl indin Corn, 1 Dito of wheat of Esqr Dumer. at home, had news fm mr Ballard.  
14 4
Clear. I have been at home. my Girls wint to mr Blacks to quillt. I plant mellon Seeds & Beens. my Sons yoakt & ringd our piggs, & turnd them out, made a pen for ym. at home. Sally Wilms here at Evng
15 5
Clear & warm. I have workt in my gardin, planted mellons & Cucumrs. Dolly is gone to her Sisters. Ephm workt for mr Waid foren, is gone to See a phraim raisd for Matw Haywood Esqr. I wrote to Doct Barton by mr Burtun yesterday. at home. I wrote Doct Barton yesterdy & Sent by mr Burtun.  
16 6
Clear & Cool. I have been to work in ye Door yard, Sowd Cabbage & Turnips. Planted Some beens &C. Sally went to mr Hamlins. my Sons ploughd a piece on ye North Side of ye gully. at home. Sally Cox at mr Hamlins.  
17 7
Clear & very Cold for ye Season, wind N W. I have been piking Cottne. Ephm workt for mr Waid, Cyrus finisht planting potatoes below the Barn. a hard frost this night. at home. mr Ballard is 69 years old ys Day. Severe frost.  
18 E
Clear & Cold. S. Moore & J. Slurges Came here ys morn. mr Ballard returnd at Evng. they found Snow 5 feet & up in their Tour. mr Hamlin & Son, my Son Jona, S & P Densmore took Tea here. at home. old mr Hamlin here. mr Ballard returnd.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.